It's all about precision

1. How precise is your customer targeting across your portfolio of brands?  

2. Will customer targeting based on demographics, geo-demographics or industry verticals alone be precise enough for you to win?

3. Precisely which of your customer targets creates the most net profit for your business?

4. How precise is your understanding of what media delivers what results, and what the right mix of media is to obtain the best total results?

5. How precise are you at getting the right product to the right store, at the right time, in the right pack size?

6. How precise are you at allocating spending geographically so that your budget is precisely aligned to where the most profit can be made?

7. How precise are you at allocating resources to your highest potential growth businesses?

8. How precise are you at determining the potential financial success of innovation opportunities before you commit and spend the money to bring your new ideas to market?

9. Are you certain that your training programs provide the precision required to equip your managers to understand and master even the most difficult situations in their new assignments?

10.    How precise are your 2- and 3-year growth plans to achieve the profits expected by shareholders?

11.    How precise is your pricing strategy?

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